Founded in 2000, PSM Technologies is a general and specialist contractor undertaking repair, strengthening and protection of infrastructures directly provided to owners or through general contractors and designers.

Regardless of the challenge, PSM provides unique and optimized services, developing customized repair solutions from the first investigation to the final construction project. Our international knowledge of the concrete repair and of the chemistry construction products insure the best quality standards.

PSM now belongs to ETPO Group, a family and independent worldwide construction company. Operational, technical, human and financial support of ETPO Group will benefit PSM to reach more complex projects.


PSM Technologies ensures that the basis and moral values of the company are being met by all stakeholders

– Stringent compliance with the laws, standards and policies
– Respect of employees
– Loyalty to the company
– Respect of the competition and rejection of any form of collusion
– Solidarity in intra Group relationships

Our core values must keep clear and simple to be easily expressed. Our basis values reflect our history and are fundamental to build a promising and sustainable future.

PSM is AMF certified since 2013 (Autorité des Marchés Financiers).


For PSM Technologies, active commitment of our workers, clients and partners to healt  and safety is a key feature.

Objective ZERO accident is our every-day priority. Regular training of our staff, on site security audits, renewal and upgrade of our safety equipment are examples of our holistic approach to achieve this goal.

Prevention is a major part of our approach to predict the risks. A risk analysis is carried out during the site preparation. Good safety practices sharing is encouraged and insured by our QHSE manager or the superintendents.


PSM Sustainable development is a continuous challenge for PSM Technologies. We tackle it every day to attain better results.
PSM committed to improve attention and dialogue with all the stakeholders involved in its code of ethics: clients, general contractors, subcontractors, employees.

PSM is respectful of the current environmental regulations, PSM knows its products and their origins, PSM upgrades its equipment and adapts to clients special policies in term of sustainable development.


The company model is set an a long term basis insuring a financial sustainability.

We committed in a long term improvement of our quality management process.
A recognition soon certified by ISO 9001:2015 standard


PSM controls its growth, maintaining good business relationship with its clients, Quebecois partners and shareholders.

Our strategical development as a repair and maintenance specialty contractor with achievable objectives are the key drivers of a durable and growing company.

PSM makes and will make existing structures stronger and last longer



We maintain high technicity standards to offer customized solutions